Hon. Tony Nwulu’s Guber Aspiration Triggers Interest/Support from Imo base artistes


    The IMO base artists yesterday paid a courtesy visit to the UPP governorship aspirant, Hon. Tony Nwulu at Mezie IMO campaign office, wetheral road Owerri, IMO State. The courtesy visit that was greeted by Imo supper stars from all facets of entertainment industry who came to interface and interact with Hon.Tony Nwulu on his governorship bid come 2019.
    Among the IMO stars that was present in the courtesy visit are, Daa TOM NJAMANZE, the Nollywood icon, ACHARA MAN, the music star, UGO STEVENSON aka Ndaa Chineke and so many others.
    Achara man who lead the group in his statement said that the bill sponsored by Hon. Tony Nwulu (NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN) practically change the 1999 constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria on age barriers and youth marginalization, stressing that the group has come to assure him of their support for his guber ambition.

    In responds, the UPP GOVERNORSHIP Aspirant, Hon. Tony Nwulu thanked the leadership of IMO base artists for believing in him and his political ambition, putting it clear that he has come to break the jinx that have not allowed IMO to function at its best just the same way his sponsored bill broke the jinx of the 1999 constitution over youths participation in politics, pointing out that IMO has the highest A-rated artist in Nigeria Nollywood as such a lot has to be done at home to support their efforts, he said.
    Hon. Nwulu lamented that IMO requires liberation in totality to make things work again and he also reassure the people that if voted in 2019 his cabinet is going to witness eighty percent of youths directing the affairs of the state.

    The climax of the visit saw the group assuring Hon. Nwulu of their support upholding that He remains their choice of guber candidacy considering his achievements and potentials, declaring to refer to Hon. Tony Nwulu the UPP governorship aspirant in cordiality as “TONY-MY-MAN” to show their commitment and believe in him.



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