Kenneth Okonkwo blasts Reno Omokri over President Buhari calls him a frustrated forger of fake news (FFF)


    Kenneth Okonkwo blasts Reno Omokri over President Buhari calls him a frustrated forger of fake news (FFF

    My attention has been drawn to the statement credited to one known frustrated forger of fake news called Reno Omokri to the insinuation that I lied when I said that President Buhari is implementing the railway projects across the country. He claimed that the railway projects were built by President Jonathan and also challenged me to take pictures on the second Niger Bridge to prove that the work is on-going.

    His direct quote was “Kenneth Okonkwo, @realkenokonkwo you are possibly the greatest LIAR on earth. The railway projects you listed where ALL done by @GEJonathan and the @OfficialPDPNig. Please take a picture on the 2nd Niger Bridge you clam @MBuhari built. You are a LIAR!!”

    Let me first of all point out that Reno Omokri, whom I learnt was a known aide and associate of President Jonathan did not take any picture on any finished railway project or station built by President Jonathan to buttress his spurious claim on the railway projects so his hypocritical demand on me taking pictures on the second Niger bridge to buttress my point should be discountenanced even as I will prove him wrong in due course .

    Let me first educate his ignorance on the railway projects. The railway lines were neither initiated by PDP nor APC. They were ancient railway routes probably established from colonial days. Owing to the locust years of the military, the railway lines became antiquated, dilapidated and consequently were out of use.

    With the advent of democracy, there was high hopes that our railway will flourish again. It was on record that the PDP led government signed billions of dollars of railway contracts and for sixteen years did not complete or commission any station or railway line despite huge revenue that was coming in from oil.

    This government came in and within 3 years of active and continuous investment in railway projects, through the Ministry of Transport manned by H.E. Rotimi Amechi,has completed and commissioned Abuja – Kaduna railway line, Itakpe – Warri line, Lagos – Abeokuta- Ibadan will soon be commissioned, Abuja Airport terminal railway station and others too numerous to mention and this administration will not relent untill the railway line from Portharcourt – Maiduguri on the east coast and from Lagos – Kaura Namoda on the West coast of Nigeria are completed eventually linking all state capitals despite the lean resources at their disposal.

    On the issue of second Niger bridge, it’s unfortunate that this writer is actually either mischievous or dangerously ignorant. I refer him to the Daily Sun Newspaper of 6th Dec., 2018,

    where it was reported on the progress of the second Niger Bridge. It was reported that the Federal Government has budgeted N1.055 trillion under the PIDF for the construction of the second Niger bridge. The Obi of Onitsha, on that occasion said “It is heartwarming that work has commenced on it … President Buhari is doing well to put it on course …The Monarch while extolling the virtue of President Buhari lamented the abandonment of the project for many years. The design has been there for many years yet it has not materialized. We all have to keep working together” concluded the Obi.

    The contractor handling the project, Mr Fredrick Weiser of Julius Berger said the work is going on smoothly … that marine equipment has been secured for the project … two dredgers are already on site … Pillars have been done during the early stage and the completion date is 28th Feb., 2022.”

    So take not my words for it but take the words of the Obi of Onitsha, the contractor and Daily Sun Newspaper for it.

    Let me state that I was not surprised about what this agent of destabilization said because I was a victim of his fake news before when he insinuated that My picture with Jonathan meant I was being sycophantic to the President when in actual fact my public meeting with the President was at the instance of President Jonathan on Labour’s day at eagle square where he graciously told me how he appreciated my humble contributions to Nollywood being the first actor that acted the first movie that started Nollywood and appreciated my speech on that day.

    Let me make one thing clear and public, President Buhari does not give money or any special favors to anybody to support him and consequently I have neither received nor asked for any favors from President Buhari to be his follower. Truth is that I have been an admirer of Buhari from my younger days. My admiration stemmed from my natural love for honesty, integrity and discipline which Buhari stands for and which Nigeria yearns for. It has always baffled me that in a country described as very corrupt, there was only one man described as not corrupt in his own generation despite having occupied very juicy positions. Please see my interview in the Leadership Newspaper of Sunday, January 27, 2013, at page 78, where I described President Buhari as my personal hero because of his stand on corruption. By this time he had already retired from politics in 2011 and I was praising him when I didn’t even know he will come back to politics. I was even leaning towards PDP because I wanted to contest election in my state in 2015 which was predominantly PDP and by which time I didn’t know he will be back to politics. Needless to tell you that I worked for CPC without even making Buhari to be aware of it because by then I was not a member of any party. It was humbling to me when Hon Zainab Buba Galadima, came to my chambers to appreciate the humble contributions I and my boys made to ensure she emerged as the only CPC Councillor in Abuja.

    Let me reiterate that the qualities I saw in President Buhari still exist till date and throughout my sojourn in PDP, I did not see such qualities in any PDP politician. For me, the B in Buhari stands for Better Nigeria and I will continue to follow this President until the Better Nigeria of my dream emerges on the horizon after his second term in office which he is poised to win by the grace of God.

    For emphasis, just look at Ajaokuta Steel project which is badly needed to take off our industrial growth and it’s 98% completed. For sixteen years of PDP leadership, even with their huge revenue, they left this factory unattended to and it went on continuous depreciation. Now within 3 years of President Buhari’s administration, $1b has been earmarked to commence the project to see to its completion. If this project gets completed, Frustrated Forgers of Fake news (FFF) like Reno Omokri will run to town with the news that the factory was 98% completed before Buhari came in without acknowledging that it will probably cost the same thing to this administration to complete the remaining 2% as it costed the previous regime to build the 98%. For instance, $1b today is N360b while when this factory was started $1b was probably equal to N1b meaning it will cost 360 times to do today what it would have costed to do it then.

    One can understand the frustration of people like Reno Omokri who was used to receiving free money from the PDP loots of sixteen years and suddenly waking up to the reality that such money is no longer flowing. PDP has apologized to Nigerians for this and People like Reno Omokri should follow up and apologize to Nigerians for attempting to mislead them by resorting to the cheapest means of blackmail which is sitting in one corner of a building with their ill fated personal computers and churning out fake news on social media. As a self acclaimed Pastor, he ought to have known that the Bible says “better is the end of a thing thereof than the beginning”. Better is APC that is completing and commissioning the projects than PDP that were designing and abandoning the projects.

    As for my personal integrity and capacity, I didn’t need to tell lies to become one of the best students through out my academic careers and was awarded with a certificate for academic excellence by University of Nigeria, I didn’t need to tell lies to become the first actor that acted the first movie that started Nollywood, I didn’t need to tell lies to become a lawyer, I didn’t need to tell lies to be awarded with a Doctorate degree, I completely relied on the grace of God and of the abilities God bestowed on me for those modest achievements, so I don’t need to tell lies to convince Nigerians on the candidacy of President Buhari. He is a good market that sells itself


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