Stay Far Away From Drugs, Queen Isabella Okafor urges Secondary School students


Speaking at the Seleh Project today, Ada Imo Cultural Pageant Winner Queen Issabella Okafor urges Secondary School Students in Imo State to stay far away from drugs and unprotected sex.

The Seleh Project is a Health Summit for youth. The program is intending to expose the destructive potential of unprotected sex, premarital sex, drug abuse and intake of hard drug to the body and the Future of the Young generation. The program was organized by Mr IMO Universe top model and beseech D Queens Vioce.

The event saw top IMO State celebrities and top models in attendance.

Queen Isabella Okafor Ada Imo winner was congratulated king Obasi Joseph and Queen Anastasia Duru for a successful Program which saw over 500 students from different schools across the state.

She also encourage students who where in attendance to focus more on the education and also develop a skill which will help them more in life.


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