Maristella Okpala Relaunch Pet Project on Waste Management, Gives Scholarship and Cash Prize To Students in Ajegunle


Maristella Okpara has continued her impressive run of championing charitable projects across states in Nigeria. The former Miss earth Nigeria carried out yet another commendable project in Dreamstead school Ajegunle tagged “Pick that plastic and stay in school”, distributing reading materials and paying off the ante natal bill of one of the pupil’s parent.

Quizzed on her objective/goal for the project she said: “The goal of “Pick That Plastic & Stay In School” project is to support school kids and sensitize them on proper waste management and recycling. She successfully donated school bags, exercise books, recycle bins and paid the school fees of 20 kids. The Former Miss Earth Nigeria was privileged to pay the ante natal of one of the parents and also taught the kids good environmental habits and quizzed them with winners receiving cash rewards. Speaking to the Media, Maristella Okpara in her own words said that she is grateful for this rare opportunity to be able to give back and will want to specially thank everyone who supported in making this project a success . ” I hope to do more by God’s grace and urge you to give in your little way to make the society a better place.” she said

The project which took place on 30th December is her second project since her reign. Her compassion to give back to the society makes her standout as one of the most humanitarian queen to ever emerge from Nigeria.


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