Being A Crossdresser pays me- Bobrisky


Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky has made it known that deciding to be a crossdresser has been of great advantage to her.
Bob first shared a throwback photo of herself, adding that at that stage she had nothing before penning down another post where she affirmed that being a crossdresser has been great to her financially.

”When I was like dis many yrs ago them born una well to ask me for giveaway. That yr I dey find who go give me away because life tire me 😂”

In Other Post, She Wrote
”Just imagine ! I’m not where I am today. So you all except me to join those people crying out on d street begging for food and money to feed.
”I picked a hustle because I don’t wanna beg no motherfucker out there for money. But some of you won’t mind your business and face your own problem. All you do is sit your stupid ass in a ghetto and type shit here.
”I’m happy I never listen to no one thou. Anyways my hustle and journey as BOBRISKY pay me. Find a hustle and get busy today. Cheers”


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